Benefits of Leasing a Toyota in Boulder, CO

It's not a coincidence there has been a steady growth trend for the rate of leasing vehicles in the last few years. Today, about 30% of new car sales are made up of leased vehicles!* Many factors contribute to this industry-wide trend, including lower, more affordable monthly lease payments and decreased costs at the gas pump. These are just a couple of the benefits that allow you to get more out of your leased vehicle for your money and allow you to opt for a larger SUVs or Trucks for lower payments. 

Leasing from Larry H. Miller Toyota Boulder can even provide you with the opportunity to get into a New Toyota car, truck, or SUV for zero down at signing! We will work with you to find your next vehicle and answer any questions you may have about the benefits of leasing over buying so you can decide the best route for you.
How much of your lease do you really own
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According to, in February of this year Interest rates hit an eight-year high. This means more automotive consumers are turning to leasing their cars as a tactic to lower monthly payments. The average new APR (Annual Percentage Rates) is up almost 5% from last year with the increase being primarily driven by an uptick in the number of mid-range new-vehicle APRs rising from 4% to 7%. These increasing new-car prices and higher-than-normal interest rates contributed to record high lease penetration of 33.9% in February. Many automotive consumers are affected when they realize leasing is their only option available to obtain a new car when they discover they can no longer afford the expenses and costs associated with purchasing a new vehicle with these inflated APRs.*

Top Benefits of Leasing a New Toyota

  1. Guaranteed Residual Value - The residual value of your leased car is how much it will be worth when you lease is up. With a Toyota lease the residual value is locked in at the beginning of your lease so you don't have to wonder about market demand or model redesigns influencing the residual value at the end-of-lease term. Find a truck, car or SUV with a good residual value as this indicates you are investing in a great lease deal.

  2. Get the latest and greatest technology and newest models more frequently - When you lease, your terms are usually 24-36 months. At the end of that time you can opt to lease the newest model year vehicle. So you get a brand new car of your choosing every two to three years (stay with your current model or try a new one each time) and with that you get industry leading technology features and gadgets to keep you safe, entertained and comfortable through your leasing journey. 

  3. Sales Tax - Leasing gives you exemption from paying sales tax on the residual percentage of your leased vehicle. This means you will only be paying sales tax on the leased portion of your vehicle and not the total value of the car. Saving you money you would have to dish over if you were trying to purchase the car. 

  4. Down-Payment Options - While it is a great idea to put down some money for a down payment on your lease, as it helps lower your monthly payments, at Larry H. Miller Toyota Boulder, qualified customers can even find leases for zero down at signing

  5. Lease-End Options - When your lease term comes to an end you have options on what to do next. With a lease you can choose to purchase the vehicle at the end of your term, you can trade it in and walk away or you can trade-up for a newer model year of your current vehicle or different Toyota model altogether.

  6. Your Credit is Safe - Any lease obligations will not show up on your credit report! This is great news for those with credit concerns and beneficial for business owners looking to use their new Toyotas as fleet vehicles.

  7. A Warranty that Lasts - The average lease term is three years and basic warranties on most vehicles lasts three years as well. Coincidence? Not at all. With a warranty that lasts for the duration of your lease, if your lease includes the cost of basic maintenance, your only expense will be for insurance and fuel! 

  8. Business Expense - You have the option to take advantage of tax credits on you business tax return. Make sure you check out the IRS publication regarding the requirements to qualify for those credits.

  9. Manufacturer Lease Specials - Toyota offers monthly specials for leasing, you can find those offers for most New Toyota's here. These Toyota specials are called lease subventions or, in other words, it's the manufacturer's way of assisting you with rebates/discounts toward your lease. 

  10. Lower Monthly Payments - Leasing is traditionally less expensive than a monthly purchase payment because you're only required to pay for the amount of  the car that you'll actually be using. So your monthly payments will most likely be much lower than if you bought the same vehicle. 
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*Information obtained from and Auto Finance News.